Culinary delights

Inviting gourmet delights ...

When the morning sun makes you want to start the day, we invite you to our gourmet breakfast buffet with a wide variety of delicacies.

Breakfast buffet

Good morning! Start the day with a wonderful breakfast buffet that leaves nothing to be desired. Fresh bread, various regional sausages and cheeses, honey and jam, fresh fruit, crunchy mueslis, yoghurt and many other products are just waiting to be consumed by you. Fortify yourself for the coming adventures in the magnificent mountain world.

Gourmet breakfast buffet

How about a crispy croissant or freshly baked bread?

Breakfast experience

Start your day with pure pleasure

Indulgence at the Arnika

Regional products on the breakfast table

After an eventful holiday day, our afternoon snack awaits you, during the winter-season, from 16:00 to 17:00 with a delicious Brettljause. In the evening, chef Stefan conjures up the culinary highlight of the day: a 5-course menu with a choice of hearty regional dishes, vital cuisine, vegetarian dishes and the finest gourmet desserts. Of course, we also prepare vegetarian dishes and are happy to accommodate your dietary and allergy requests. Take a look at our wine list and enjoy the evening to the fullest!

Brettljause (snack)

The afternoon snack, during the winter season, at Hotel Arnika is a treat for all the senses. Here guests will find a wide selection of delicacies that offer something for every taste. There is fresh bread, crusty rolls, various types of cheese, sausage and ham, homemade jams and spreads, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. The afternoon snack at Hotel Arnika is more than just a meal. It is a moment of enjoyment, relaxation and fellowship.


Feel at home in our parlours.

Afternoon snack

Enjoy these delicious dishes in the company of friends and family.

Cheers, to life and wine!

There is a piece of history in every glass.